• Four Methods That Can Make Your Concrete Look Like Stone

    The look of a natural stone patio, garden walkway, or even driveway doesn't have to be an overly expensive or time consuming endeavor. It's possible to use concrete to create the look you want both quickly and for less cost than sourcing the natural stone of your desires. The following methods will illustrate your options for installing stone-look concrete. Method #1: Dying Dyed concrete is the coloring method of choice for most new installations.
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  • How To Use Cement Inlays For Decoration: 3 Ideas To Get You Started

    Cement can be used to create decorative details known as "inlays." The inlays are typically square or rectangular in shape and form, and may remind you of oversized mosaic tiles. However, you usually use these inlays in a more spread out fashion, and the cement tiles themselves have patterns, designs or pictures stamped, acid-washed, carved out or painted into them. You can incorporate your own cement inlays in and around your home in several decorative ways.
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