Five Good Uses For Fire Stop Caulking

Posted on: 27 July 2015


Fire stop caulking comes in a tube, similar to regular caulking, and is applied in a thin line with a caulk gun. The substance hardens quickly and after about 30 minutes creates a permanent seal.

In addition to the properties of ordinary caulk (sealing gaps, giving trim and moldings a more finished look), fire stop caulk offers a number of fire safety properties. These include expanding when exposed to extreme heat so as to cut off the oxygen to a fire and thus its spread as well as containing the spread of smoke and toxic fumes during a fire. Unlike traditional caulk, fire stop caulk is tinted red, so workers can easily identify what type of caulk they are using.

Where to use fire stop caulking

Fire stop caulking has a number of critical fire-prevention residential and commercial uses. Just a few of these include:

1. To seal gaps where electrical wires are threaded through wooden framing. Electrical fires are the most common type of residential fires, causing up to 20 percent of Canadian house fires each year. Fire stop caulking helps to contain and smother such fires before they have an opportunity to spread throughout the building.

2. To seal all joint constructions. Gaps around conduits, telecommunication wires and plumbing can also cause fire fumes and smoke to spread quickly throughout a burning building. Using fire stop caulk around all of these joints and penetrations helps to keep smoke contained longer.

3. To seal around components of your building's mechanical systems. By the same logic, sealing around ducts, floor registers and exhaust vents with fire stop caulk helps to keep smoke contained in the event of a fire.

4. To seal joints between non-load-bearing walls and floors. Equally the gaps where walls meet the floor will benefit from using fire stop caulk and can help prevent a fire from spreading quickly between floors.

5. To seal unpenetrated openings. Often, builders will add openings in the wall joists to allow for future electrical, plumbing or telecommunications wiring. These, too, need to be sealed with fire stop caulking to prevent smoke from using these opening to spread throughout the building.

White there is no way to absolutely guarantee a fire from occurring, using products like fire stop caulk can limit the property damage from such a fire and help give your family, pets and employees precious time to escape a burning building.